Hey, I’m Miryan

A law and food impact entrepreneur, writer, 9-figure dispute expert, former button-down corporate lawyer, and mom of 2 to help you become the best YOU.

I was born and raised in the projects of Vienna of Middle Eastern descent with nothing more than a dream and passion to understand what just is (law) and support it (PowerHer).

Through my online resources and self-invented protein sticks in supermarket shelves, I wanna help you become your own hero.

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In my journey from a 9-figure European general counsel to a thriving entrepreneur, I’ve gathered a wealth of wisdom and know-how. Let me share my tales, nurture your growth, and assure you: success is within your grasp. Get access first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s PowerHer?


Right now PowerHer is a synonym of me, Miryan. But, my goal is for PowerHer to be all of us – a union of successful entrepreneurs and business people that grow and gain knowledge with every experience.

How does PowerHer do that?


Through a collection of digital resources that start with anecdotes about business, leadership, law, and entrepreneurship that demonstrate how you’re the most valuable resource in your own success.

What’s your big WHY?


PowerHer’s mission is to help women be the best version of themselves on all levels and in all roles.

Is PowerHer Only About the Anecdotes?


My everyday experiences play a vital role in my own success, so  anecdotes are a huge part of PowerHer. I will send you regular emails where I share exclusive content and practical giveaways.

I’m in the process of putting together a course that will have several modules and lessons too. But don’t worry, if you’ve signed up for the anecdotes you’re already a VIP, so you’ll be the first to know when the course is out.

How can I work with you?


My one-on-ones are off the market I’m afraid. That’s where I charged 1k EUR an hour for advising parties in disputes and that’s not what I’m here to do.

You don’t have to be a worldwide corporate party or oligarch trying to solve a dispute to work with me, just join the party here and I’ll meet you in your inbox.

Even your own experiences teach you valuable lessons

So the more you know the better!

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will also see your self-confidence, assertiveness, and overall impact skyrocket?