Growth and Success with PowerHer

When I was working crazy long hours trying to claw my way up the corporate ladder, I constantly wanted to have someone to guide me and give me insights. My stories are my way of doing this for all the female executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who find themselves doing a similar dance. Do you want in?

The Best You with PowerHer

Empowering Anecdotes

Dive into stories that light your inner fire, igniting a spark of courage and vision. Seeing yourself in PowerHer redefines your journey, turning challenges into stepping stones toward your peak.

Interpersonal Communication

Hone the art of dialogue with PowerHer’s wisdom. Learn to articulate with precision, listen deeply, and connect genuinely, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for growth and collaboration.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Unleash your mind’s full potential as you get to know how I maneuver complex problems with a blend of analytical thinking and imaginative solutions, creating winning paths for everyone.

Empathy and Motivation

Your greatest assets are always those around you. PowerHer’s narratives foster understanding and drive, propelling you to lead with compassion and inspire those around you to reach for their dreams.

Business Experience and Acumen

PowerHer is a rich tapestry of years of high-stakes decision-making and strategic distilled into vivid stories that mold you into a savvy leader, ready to set the right standards and navigate the business world’s complexities.

Empowerment and Fearlessness

PowerHer stories are beacons of resilience, encouraging you to break free from doubts, face adversities head-on, and carve your path with boldness and confidence. Power is so key, it’s in the name.

What do people say about me?

Here’s the opinion of women in power that have worked with me in the past. Come, join me, and uncover the power of experiences. 


Proximity is power. So hang out with Miryan if you wanna be extraordinary


800 million EUR dispute settled in one day in front of my own eyes. Miryan’s excellent!

You may have seen me in

Helping You Grow and Transcend

into a leader among leaders!

Knowledge is power and I’ve collected a huge amount of wisdom as a 9-figure European general counsel and successful entrepreneur. Now, I want to share my stories, help you grow, and remind you that you have everything to succeed. Get first dib on the best resources!

Frequently asked questions

Have any burning questions about success? From graduating law school while mastering my 5th language, to solving multi-million disputes between European nations, to launching a successful startup – I have answers for you.

What’s PowerHer?


PowerHer is your wonderful resource that can help you:

  • Embrace all sides of who you are
  • Go from a great lawyer to a PowerHer star
  • Become a better leader for yourself and your peers

How does PowerHer do that?


Through a collection of digital resources that start with anecdotes about business, leadership, law, and entrepreneurship that demonstrate how you’re the most valuable resource in your own success.

Who’s PowerHer?


Right now PowerHer is a synonym of me, Miryan. But, my goal is for PowerHer to be all of us – a union of successful entrepreneurs and business people that grow and gain knowledge with every experience.

What’s your big WHY?


PowerHer’s mission is to help women be the best version of themselves on all levels and in all roles.

Is PowerHer Only About the Anecdotes?


My everyday experiences play a vital role in my own success, so  anecdotes are a huge part of PowerHer. I will send you regular emails where I share exclusive content and practical giveaways.

I’m in the process of putting together a course that will have several modules and lessons too. But don’t worry, if you’ve signed up for the anecdotes you’re already a VIP, so you’ll be the first to know when the course is out.

Let’s grow together

I achieved the heights of corporate law in Europe, but I knew this was just a side passion.

My real calling is being an entrepreneur. I was at a pivotal spot in my life and I decided to do exactly that – pivot towards my passion.

I navigate my new journey, but I know that the path to success is a shared one.

Let’s embark together, learning from each other’s triumphs and nurturing a community where empowerment and progress flourish side by side.